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I am currently a research fellow at Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), the University of Adelaide, under the supervision of Prof. Gustavo Carneiro. Previously, I was a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Chunhua Shen and Dr. Qi Wu.

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My research interests lay on Computer Vision, Multimodal Learning, Medical Image Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning Theory and Security of AI models. Currently, I am in a medical research group, named Imagendo, dedicate to endometriosis research.


  • Mar 2022, a Multi-document Summarization Survey paper has been accepted by ACM Computing Survey arXiv.
  • Nov 2021, a Model Quantization Image Super-Resolution paper has been published by ACM Multimedia 2021. paper Video
  • Nov 2021, a Traffic Optimisation with Reinforcement Learning paper has been published on IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation System paper.
  • Jul 2021, a Data Hiding Survey paper has been published on arXiv.
  • Apr 2021, a Robust Digital Watermarking paper has been published on arXiv.
  • Apr 2021, a AI security paper has been accepted by ACISP-2021. paper
  • Apr 2021, a Real-world Image Super-Resolution paper has been published on arXiv.
  • Feb 2021, an international patent w.r.t. Graphical Programming has been granted.
  • Sep 2020, Lecturer of the course Artificial Intelligence Technologies Semester 2, 2020 with Dr. Wei Emma Zhang.
  • Jun 2020, a Reinforcement Learning on Vision-and-Language Navigation paper has been accepted by ECCV 2020, Video.
  • Apr 2020, a Non-convex Optimisation tutorial has been published on both YouTube and Bilibili.
  • Apr 2020, a Unsupervised Representation Learning paper has been accepted by IJCAI 2020, Video.
  • Jul 2019, a Medical Image Processing paper has been accepted by MICCAI 2019.
  • Dec 2018, a guide book for Advanced C++ Programming has been published on the market.
  • Mar 2018, an Online Tensor Decomposition paper has been accepted by ICACI 2018.
  • Jul 2017, Worked as a research engineer at Singapore Management University under the supervision of professor Steven Hoi.
  • Jun 2017, a Graphical Programming patent has been submitted.
  • Nov 2016, a Graphical Programming patent has been accepted.
  • Dec 2015, a Masked-man Detection patent has been submitted.
  • Jul 2015, a Masked-man Detection patent has been accepted.


    A Guide for Advanced C++ Programming. link.



Fully Quantized Image Super-Resolution Networks
H Wang, P Chen, B Zhuang, C Shen
[PDF] [Code]
Unsupervised Representation Learning by Predicting Random Distances
H Wang, G Pang, C Shen, C Ma
[PDF] [Code]
Soft expert reward learning for vision-and-language navigation
H Wang, Q Wu, C Shen
Robust Watermarking Using Inverse Gradient Attention
H Zhang*, H Wang*, Y Li, Y Cao, C Shen
[PDF] [Code]
Multi-intersection Traffic Optimisation: A Benchmark Dataset and a Strong Baseline
H Wang, H Chen, Q Wu, C Ma, Y Li, C Shen
[PDF] [Code]
Kernel Agnostic Real-world Image Super-resolution
H Wang, C Ma, C Shen
Multi-document Summarization via Deep Learning Techniques: A Survey
C Ma, WE Zhang, M Guo, H Wang, QZ Sheng
Data Hiding with Deep Learning: A Survey Unifying Digital Watermarking and Steganography
O Byrnes, W La, H Wang, C Ma, M Xue, Q Wu
Oriole: Thwarting Privacy against Trustworthy Deep Learning Models
L Chen, H Wang, B Zi Hao Zhao, M Xue, H Qian
[PDF] [Code]
Delayed Rewards Calibration via Reward Empirical Sufficiency
Y Liu, H Wang, X Wang, X Sun, L Jiang, M Xue
[PDF] [Code]
Multi-label thoracic disease image classification with cross-attention networks
C Ma, H Wang, SCH Hoi
Randomized online CP decomposition
C Ma, X Yang, H Wang
A fast image matting method based on interval-line sampling
H Wang, Y Zhongming, M Congbo, W Hongyue, O Mingting
A Graphical Programming System (similar to Lego EV3)
H Wang, L Qin, H Liang, Z Wu, Y Pan, H Han

Patents & Copyrights

  • Two International Patents in submission!
  • “A Graphical Programming Multithreading Synchronization Method.” 1 June 2017. Patent (201710405733.7).
  • “A Visual Programming Control and Store System.” 30 November 2016. Patent (201611092887.7). Certificate
  • “Dual Mode Video Masked-men Detection Based on Statistical Characteristics.” 20 December 2015. Patent (201510971527.3).
  • “Masked-men Detection Based on Color Features.” 7 July 2015. Patent (201510451280.2).
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  • “ACM/ICPC Online Judge.” 26 March 2014. Software copyright (2015SR035709).



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